Earn more than $4 CPM for Interstitial Ads, Links on Twitter and FaceBook.

I recently signed up with a service called who were promising over $4 CPM to show interstitial ads on your site, or by using them as a url shortener which shows an interstitial ad before redirecting a user to the intended link. I started using them on a few of my sites and with excellent results! It ain’t easy making money online, but occasionally a rare gem such as comes along and makes all the effort seem worthwhile. has a number of options for monetization of either text links you can use on social networks such as Twitter or FaceBook (though in the case of FaceBook, you might want to run them through or another link shortener to avoid having them removed), and for the monetization of regular websites. You can shorten links one-by-one, or use their Mass Shrinker Tool to convert up to 20 links at a time. Plus if you have a website, you can use their Full Page Script to convert 100s or even 1000s of onsite links automatically!

For more traditional website monetization, try’s Website Entry Script. It’s the tool I’ve personally been using. You simply copy and paste a small javascript snippet into the head section of your site and choose whether you want to display a single 728×90 banner at the top of your pages, or an interstitial ad which displays automatically after a delay period of your choosing (from 1 second to infinity). I highly recommend the interstitial option as it pays more! The user will see a full page overlay that they must view for 5 seconds, then they can press a big button at the top right of the screen to return to your site. This works particularly well if you have valuable content or offer a free service and is much less intrusive than using a content locker.

The company behind is called x19 Limited, which is based in Central London. They pay regularly and automatically to your PayPal account on the first few days of every month, with a minimum pay out amount of just $5.00. Not bad, huh? I’ve personally received two payments of around $10 each so far.

If you have a product or service you’d like to advertise for surprisingly decent rates, you can also use’s Advertising page to quickly order a burst of traffic to profit from affiliate offers, or product sales. Plus, unlike most advertising companies, you can get started with just $5, which is brilliant when you want to test the waters first. Plus with worldwide traffic starting at just $1 CPM for 24 hour unique visitors, all with JavaScript, Cookies and Flash enabled on their browsers and with their eyeballs guaranteed to be looking at your page for at least 5 seconds, advertising with could be very lucrative indeed! (US targeted and UK targeted traffic is currently priced at $4 CPM).

So…what are YOU waiting for? Give a try today! Sign up is quick and instantaneous, and you’ll be up and running in literally minutes. Copy and paste their javascript snippet into your site, leave it for a day or two and see how it performs vs your current ads. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Here’s a little tip to maximize your earnings with’s interstitial ads…
When you insert their Website Entry Script, change the int_delay value to “1″…

var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 1;

I’ve been doing this on my own sites, and it really helps increase ad views as the interstitial loads only 1 second after a visitor moves their mouse on your page. You can experiment with the frequency_cap and frequency_delay numbers also to find a good balance between revenue/not annoying your readers.

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Looking at social bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites have become a boon for bloggers to drive in amazing targeted traffic.

People in need of a particular content are always on search of the related information, and it is at this point the social bookmarking sites have gained importance.

You may not believe in the claims of the author of an article and authenticity of a post in a blog. But what if some hundreds of similar web viewers believe it really worked for them and they liked the article? Won’t you be interested in reading the post then?

Most of us believe in the reviews of the common visitors than some paid professionals. They simple logic has all it’s means in making the social bookmarking sites a huge success.

Out of many in the lot, few sites like stumbleupon, digg, reddit and technorati have gained huge success and popularity in no time. The user interference and reliability of information of these social bookmarking sites have made both the content hunters and publishers gain success.

Users can find related content and the most recommended blog post for the niche in which they are searching. The relevancy of the original blog post cannot be questioned as it depends on the number of viewer recommendations. If a person having an account in a particular social bookmarking site can recommend your blog post and can share it with his friends in the network.

The hot topic gets a slot in the home page of these social bookmarking websites. This can drive in thousands of visitors to your blog and most of them will be targeted visitors. This ultimately helps in more newsletter/rss subscribers for your blog. The more the subscribers and the visitors to your blog, the more popular becomes your blog.

Thus, in order to drive in huge amounts of traffic to your blog, first you need to create some great content and publish it. Have an account with site like stumbleupon or digg.

Add the socialbookmarking plugins to your blog posts. There are many such plugins available for free if you are using wordpress. Else, alternatively you can also embed a simple html snippet and paste in your blog post. This enables the viewers of your blog to stumble or digg it meaning they liked the post and are recommending it to their friends in the network.

This increases the chance of more recommendation, more views, more recommendations, more traffic. This becomes a chain process and in a very quick time you can see your visitor statistics go high. Have a look on your bandwidth and upgrade it immediately if you feel necessary.

Thus said, it is the content and right strategy to drive in enormous traffic from the social bookmarking sites.

One more reason why bloggers love these social bookmarking sites are they get some relevant information, ideas on blog posts and keep an eye on what’s hot in their niche. Also, these social bookmarking sites are Search Engine friendly and drive in huge traffic through the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

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Outsourcing some of your work

When it comes to making money blogging, there are rarely enough hours in the day. You have posts to write, comments to leave and themes to customize. There are some parts of the blogging experience that are easy enough to outsource and they won’t cost you the world.

The most obvious places to look for outsourcing work are the Digital Point and Sitepoint forums. There are hundreds of guys and gals offering all different kinds of services that you can capitalize on.

So, what services might you want to outsource?

First up is directory submissions. It is tedious even to do semi-automated submissions yourself. It takes a long time. There are people on Digital Point who will submit your URL to 1,000 directories for about $10. Directory submission isn’t something you need to be doing all the time, so go for a bulk order for each of your domains early on and get it over with.

Social bookmarking can also be outsourced. You can get one of your deeplinks submitted to 100 social bookmarking sites for about $10-15. This is worth doing as it gives your blog some added exposure. Some of the links will also be dofollow so that’s an added bonus. Be sure to submit only your best content here.

Article submission is available in various guises on the forums. You can get one article submitted to hundreds of directories, or have one item rewrote and submitted, or have one article “spun”. There are a variety of options. You’ll probably not benefit from submitting identical articles to hundreds of directories because of the duplicate content issue.

On that note, some people offer services of writing and submitting articles. This can get expensive, but article marketing should be one aspect of your linkbuilding.

If you need content and don’t have time to write it, you can find writers on Digital Point. Most of them suck, however, and are only good for low-quality, bulk-writing deals. You might pay $2.50 per 400-word article, but the articles will be difficult to read. Use wisely. Quality writers are better sought elsewhere.

Blog commenting on dofollow blogs is also offered by a few people. The price you pay versus the benefit you receive doesn’t make these services that appealing in my eyes. You also run the risk of your comments being marked as spam so that when you go to leave a legit comment on a blog, your comment will automatically be filtered.

When you hire someone from the Internet, check out samples of their work, look at their reputation and iTrader levels, and read other people’s comment on the service. Set deadlines and don’t pay a whole bunch of money upfront if you aren’t 100% confident of the work being delivered on time.

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