Outsourcing some of your work

When it comes to making money blogging, there are rarely enough hours in the day. You have posts to write, comments to leave and themes to customize. There are some parts of the blogging experience that are easy enough to outsource and they won’t cost you the world.

The most obvious places to look for outsourcing work are the Digital Point and Sitepoint forums. There are hundreds of guys and gals offering all different kinds of services that you can capitalize on.

So, what services might you want to outsource?

First up is directory submissions. It is tedious even to do semi-automated submissions yourself. It takes a long time. There are people on Digital Point who will submit your URL to 1,000 directories for about $10. Directory submission isn’t something you need to be doing all the time, so go for a bulk order for each of your domains early on and get it over with.

Social bookmarking can also be outsourced. You can get one of your deeplinks submitted to 100 social bookmarking sites for about $10-15. This is worth doing as it gives your blog some added exposure. Some of the links will also be dofollow so that’s an added bonus. Be sure to submit only your best content here.

Article submission is available in various guises on the forums. You can get one article submitted to hundreds of directories, or have one item rewrote and submitted, or have one article “spun”. There are a variety of options. You’ll probably not benefit from submitting identical articles to hundreds of directories because of the duplicate content issue.

On that note, some people offer services of writing and submitting articles. This can get expensive, but article marketing should be one aspect of your linkbuilding.

If you need content and don’t have time to write it, you can find writers on Digital Point. Most of them suck, however, and are only good for low-quality, bulk-writing deals. You might pay $2.50 per 400-word article, but the articles will be difficult to read. Use wisely. Quality writers are better sought elsewhere.

Blog commenting on dofollow blogs is also offered by a few people. The price you pay versus the benefit you receive doesn’t make these services that appealing in my eyes. You also run the risk of your comments being marked as spam so that when you go to leave a legit comment on a blog, your comment will automatically be filtered.

When you hire someone from the Internet, check out samples of their work, look at their reputation and iTrader levels, and read other people’s comment on the service. Set deadlines and don’t pay a whole bunch of money upfront if you aren’t 100% confident of the work being delivered on time.

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