Screw Digg, let’s all use Stumbleupon to make money online

Those mofos at Digg have only gone and banned me. I guess if you try and cheat the system, sometimes the system bites back. Thing is though, I was hardly pushing Digg to its limits, and to be honest, I was abusing the system far more in the past.

The reason for my banning is down to taking part in Digg exchanges. It’s kind of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” set up. There are forums where you can go and get people to Digg your urls in exchange for Digging theirs. If you do enough, you can potentially generate some serious traffic, and possibly make money.

The irony is that the exchanges I’ve been doing this week are actually weighted to my Stumbleupon account, because what I’ve been doing is offering Diggs or Stumbles in return for people adding me a friend on Stumbleupon.

The theory behind this as I’ve read on several blogs and forums is that the more friends you have (up to a maximum of 200), the more weight your stumbles hold, and the more powerful your account becomes. Then, when you choose to Stumble your own urls in the future, more people will see this and start Stumbling your articles, creating a snowball effect.

I’ve always had more success bending the rules with Stumbleupon than I have with Digg. In the past, participating in Stumble exchanges has generated up to about 400 unique hits in a day. It’s not a great deal, and it’s not the best sort of traffic, but it proves that Stumbleupon is easy to manipulate. Try stumbling a landing page and you might make some referrals and some extra money; drive people to an article laden with PPC ads and you could get some click-throughs and even more money.

It’s not guaranteed, but Stumbleupon are far more lenient with people abusing their system than Digg are. I opened a new Digg account, but haven’t bothered to start using it again.

Speaking of stumbleupon, go ahead and add me as a friend. My url is

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5 Responses to “Screw Digg, let’s all use Stumbleupon to make money online”

  1. Yet another blogger banned by Digg! Seriously.. screw them big time! The thing is most of bloggers who make it to Digg’s front page made it only because of diggs exchange. I’ve added you on StumbleUpon, I’m Addoccini there :)

  2. Dugg!

  3. StumbleUpon is just a little better than Digg. I also use StumbleUpon and the good think about it is that it doesn’t just give you a lot of traffic one day and none the next day.

    Hmmm, thats too bad. I read an article that it’s not too hard to be on the front of Digg if you have money and popularity.

    Fact: Getting certain people votes will get you on the front page of Digg, it’s not the amount, but the quality. Make the right friends on Digg and you’re all good :-)

  4. I hate Digg.

    I love StumbleUpon.

    I agree with you.

    StumbleUpon is easier and a lot more fun.

    Digg is a loser.

    End of story. :)

  5. Yeah.. screw them.. Their lousy banning system will be the cause of their downfall..

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