The easiest 100 bucks you’ll ever make: win it here!

It’s always nice to make money online, but it’s even nicer if you don’t have to do anything to get that money. How would you like to win $100? Who wouldn’t, right? This is my first contest with a real prize. On Sunday September 30 I will pick a name at random from the list of all the entrants and that person will get a cool $100 sent to them by Paypal.

Not only will you be 100 bucks richer, but I will also write you a full review of your blog and include a permanent link to your blog in my sidebar; that’s a link for life on a blog that is expanding daily.

The rules

The rules for this contest are simple. All you have to do is write a short paragraph (minimum 50 words) in one of your blog posts telling people about this competition and that they can win $100. Link to this post with an anchor text of your choosing. Then, Stumble and subscribe to my RSS feed. That’s it. There’s no real legwork involved and you could do the whole thing in about five minutes.

So that’s:

Your pingback will be your entry ticket for this contest. If you have any queries then leave a comment here.

Rest assured folks, I will not be pulling an Ashwin. There is $100 sitting in my Paypal account waiting to be won. It couldn’t be easier to enter, so get involved.

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51 Responses to “The easiest 100 bucks you’ll ever make: win it here!”

  1. Count me in ! It should be going on Friday !

  2. Heh, do you realize that there’s a Google ad that says ‘these sites are all scams’ in this post?

    I’d like to do this, but I really don’t have room to join any more RSS feeds. It’s crazy keeping up with all I have.

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  4. Stumbled, subscribed, and posted:

  5. [...] Angel – win $100 on my blog August 20th, 2007 10:57 am Contest URL: Prizes: $100, free review, sidebar link for life How to enter: Review the contest in 50+ words in a blog post, subscribe to RSS, stumble How to win: Random draw. Each entry is one ticket. Deadline: September 30 [...]

  6. Post, stumbled and subscribe to rss feed

    Pease tell me if i’m in

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  8. Looks cool. I”ll try to do this.

  9. [...] very cool new phrase “Pulling an Ashwin” has been born thanks to Angel at World of Angel .  Angel has his own contest where you can win $100 and I laughed as I read “Rest assured [...]

  10. [...] has competition going on until this Sunday, where if you write a quick post and give them a link they will enter you into a draw to win $100. And seeing as I am not the richest internet guru out there I will am going to post this link. They have a pretty optimistic goal posted on their about page “Within one year I want this blog to be turning in four figure adsense check“, so it is going to be interesting to follow their progress. [...]

  11. [...] name and URL: The easiest $100 you’ll ever make: win it here! Deadline:2007.09.30 Prize: $100 How to enter:Blog it, Stumble it , Subscribe it How to win:Randomly [...]

  12. Here is my post

    Count me it!

  13. [...] World of Angel is currently holding a contest with a prize of $100 in cash.  All you have to do is write a short paragraph about the competition (50 words), stumble the blog, and then subscribe to the RSS feed.  Check out the competition page here. [...]

  14. [...] order to garner some attention, Angel has decided to run a blog contest where he’s giving away $100 to a random winner. To participate you need to do three [...]

  15. [...] URL: The World of Angel Will Give You $100 Grand Prize: Angel is giving away $100. Ends On: September 30, 2007 angel, grand prizeangel, grand [...]

  16. angle:

    please fix your blog layout. obviously u do not know your banner is cut off, so i’ll tell u. your top banner is cut off.

    if it is not fixed by the time i come back, i promise i will take u off my bookmark, and most likely never come back again.

    the only reason i’m even here right now, is because of “cash quest”. maybe u should listen to her (him, her, whatever), if u don’t, u wasted your money.

    good luck with that,


    this is not a threat, it’s a promise. if u can’t build your layout, how the freak can u build a decent blog?

  17. My name is Angel, but thanks for the advice anyhow. It’s all been taken on board.

  18. Cool contest! I’ll participate.

  19. Angel – I’m just curious – what currency is the prize in? Forgive me if it’s noted somewhere on your site, but I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere.

    Michael Lundberg

  20. Nice clean contest.But i had enough of contests.And I’m not a lucky person.You seem a really cool blogger.Keep on!

  21. The contest is to win one hundred US dollars. Sorry for any confusion.

  22. Dude, who has time for contests anymore? Write good content to get viewers and drop the gimicky contests. That’s my advice to you.

  23. [...] is the first contest from with a real prize. On Sunday September 30, Angel will pick a name at random from the list of all [...]

  24. Hi Angel. Above is the ping from my site. I’ve stumbled and subscribe to your feed too. So there goes my entry for this contest.

    Seem like you are on your way to something. Wish you all the best with this contest and do keep on sharing all your tips with us. I certainly could use some advice on making money from the Web. :)

    Sha of

  25. Hi,
    I’ve subscribed using bloglines and stumbled with the username Zener.

    Also, the pingback will be coming on the 28th, that is tomorrow. Count me in as soon as you get it!


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  27. [...] WorldOfAngel is giving away $100 just to write a short paragraph in your blog,then stumble it and the subscribe to RSS Feed. Check [...]

  28. @DayJobNuker: I see what you’re saying, and I’m writing content daily, but I’ve started this contest already so it’s here to stay, although it won’t be a sticky post for much longer. And, well, lots of people have time for contests. It can’t do any harm at this early stage. No worries.

  29. Count me in
    my post
    subscribed and stumble it also..


  30. [...] the sidelines, World of Angel is hosting a contest and is giving away $100. All you have to do to participate is to stumble the site, subscribe to the RSS feed and send [...]

  31. There is my pingback and please do confirm my entry into the contest!

  32. [...] and I just had to meet him. He’s a fantastic writer and a great buddy to have. Now he’s giving away $100 out of the goodness of his own heart. Who am I to turn down an easy buck? Neither can any of you, [...]

  33. [...] and I just had to meet him. He’s a fantastic writer and a great buddy to have. Now he’s giving away $100 out of the goodness of his own heart. Who am I to turn down an easy buck? Neither can any of you, [...]

  34. stumbled, i have been subscribed for awhile keep up the great content! :D i will post soon enough! :D

  35. i stumble you
    goog blogging

  36. Hi Angel!
    I’m from Italy and I’ve just made a new blog about contests found on the net. Can I join your contest?
    Thank you!

  37. Yes you can join! Just follow the rules :)

  38. Hi Angel! Here my post:

    I’ve stumbled it (with a short review):
    stumble name: ludo1980

    I’ve subscribed with Netvibes

    Is everithing ok? Thanks :-)

  39. [...] you prefer – cash, or actual goods (like a PS3 or LCD)? Well I hope you like paypal money because World of Angel are giving away US$100 worth of paypal funds on Sunday, September 30. To enter you simply need to [...]

  40. Hi there

    I blogged about your contest on Contest Beat here –

    All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

    Regards, Matt.

  41. I m in.

    Posted, subscribed and stumbled.
    Check about your post here:


  42. [...] I am not holding a blog contest. What I am doing is telling you about easiest 100 dollars you will ever make. Actually, it’s not guaranteed that you or I will get the 100 dollars, but it is certainly [...]

  43. [...] Write a 50 word blurb about the contest and linking to the contest page [...]

  44. This would be my entry into the contest

    Please confirm it. I also subscribed using My yahoo! and stumbled with the username RoadToPerdition

  45. Great Contest!! I Just wanted to let you know that my subscribers are wanting Blog contest updates so I have now added a section dedicated to this type of contest on my website ( I have added this listing and will also add any new ones that you let me know about. Have a great day!

  46. Posted with a video, Stumbled and subscribed.

    I could really use it. *L*

  47. [...] buy some anime. As expensive as it’s getting an extra $100 would help. So go check out the contest rules and enter. If you win, feel free to send a little thank you this way. *L* : Anime, AMV, Send [...]

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  49. [...] Coming to this contest. Again a last day entry by me. World of Angel Blog is hosting a 100$ Contest. And guess what, entering the contest is damn [...]

  50. Sorry I got a bit late: Here is my entry:

    Stumbled as navjotjsingh and Subscribed to RSS feed as well.

  51. I like this and i will participate with pleasure :)

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