How to wrap text in blog posts around Adsense ads

When it comes to Adsense placement, I’ve found that most of the pro bloggers, notably John Chow, have Adsense incorporated into their blog posts with the text wrapping around squared ad blocks. Many other bloggers use this method too.

From personal experience, when I read a blog, the ads that I notice most are those that are actually in a blog post. If they are aligned to the left they disturb my reading, but aligned to right, at the top of a post, and they are noticeable without overstepping the mark. I am more drawn to click on them than any other ad placement I have seen.

There was a useful post on Board Shorts about how to wrap the text your blog posts around adsense. It’s actually really simple. All you do is place your Adsense *code in a div, like so.

<div style=”display:block;float:right; margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px;”>

You can then setup your margin to space things out right and choose whether you want to float your ads left or right. You don’t even need a plugin for this one. Thanks to Board shorts for this great tip.

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One Response to “How to wrap text in blog posts around Adsense ads”

  1. Does it matter that the ads show up under the title when I setup the ads to float left? I ask because someone said never to place ads directly under the title and was wondering your opinion concerning this

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